Consider Saving Your Clients Money with a Dual Date Gifting Appraisal

Compiling and transferring documents, making management accessible for interviews and questions, legal and accounting time—all can make the appraisal process for gifting purposes arduous and costly for clients. To minimize the cost and work, consider using a dual date gifting appraisal. For example, using a December 31st and January 1st dual valuation date can provide your clients with two appraisals for the price of one. By using two appraisal dates that are close in time, but in different calendar years, your client will be provided gifting opportunities in two different tax years, but minimizing the cost and other investment involved in the appraisal process. Columbia Financial Advisors, Inc. has provided this type of appraisal to many of our clients. Two full, formal appraisal reports are provided to you and your client. For a scheduled annual gifting plan, the appraisal can be performed every other year, but appropriately documented fair market value appraisals will be available each and every year a gift is made.