As an independent valuation firm, Columbia Financial Advisors has no conflict of interest in the outcome of its findings. Thus, we bring credibility and impartiality to valuations that are in dispute. We are experienced in providing expert analysis for tax issues, ERISA litigation, lost profits or damages, marital dissolutions, and shareholder/partner disputes. This allows us to work with the legal community with the knowledge of the applicable legal framework and valuation standards that apply to each case.

We can review reports submitted by other appraisal firms and many times are jointly retained by both parties in a dispute. In litigated situations, our appraisal reports often lead to settlement without costly court trials.

We provide expert testimony throughout the United States in U.S. Tax Court, U.S. District Court, state courts, arbitration, hearings, and administrative bodies. Our reports and testimony are accurate and understandable by a jury or trier of fact.